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About Germedmarketing
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With solid experience and insight into the inner-workings of the medical profession and an entrepreneurial spirit, Ata Qasem founded GERMED Medical Marketing L.L.C in 2017 to help physicians plan and prepare for the rapidly changing health care marketplace. And from increased regulations and decreasing reimbursements to better educated patients and more sophisticated technology, the world of health care continues to spin at a breakneck speed today. While the concept of medical marketing was once novel and even frightening to many in health care, it has since become not only an accepted business practice, but a necessary one. In fact, it is because of all these changes, that marketing is now more important than ever.

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Our mission is to assist our clients in extending their services internationally, raising brand awareness, improving global reputation, and ultimately boosting profits. We aim to do this through working with our clients to create highly effective yet efficient marketing campaigns and strategies designed for a Middle Eastern audience. We also aim to achieve this through offering additional services to facilitate day-to-day operations across the MENA region, for growing pharmaceutical firms and medical device/equipment manufacturers in Europe.

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Through an ongoing commitment and dedication to excellence and leadership, at Germed Marketing we’re consistently striving to become the number one provider of medical marketing services and products in the MENA region. Our vision for the future includes increasing our total market share, building new relationships and expanding our network, providing a continued high quality, tailored service for our clients, and boosting profits through additional services such as pharmaceutical distribution management, medical device warehousing, and logistics.

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Our core values
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We want to see our clients become successful in breaking into the Middle Eastern healthcare markets and growing their customer base across the MENA region, and we believe it’s essential for European businesses to have the support they need to achieve this, both at market entry level and in the continued building of their brand. Therefore, we value support, commitment, dedication, and passion; we value efficiency; we value cost effective products andsolutions; we value customer service and satisfaction. We value the power of a good working relationship.

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