GERMED Marketing is a leading medical marketing firm based in Dubai, with an ongoing dedication and commitment to the valuable and expansive healthcare markets across the United Arab Emirates, the MENA region, and throughout Europe. Ultimately, at Germed we strive to create a solid link between pharmaceutical firms and medical device/equipment manufacturers in Europe, and pharmacies, clinicians, and patients in the Middle East. We work to help our clients build long term, sustainable, and beneficial relationships across the MENA region, and facilitate international growth and development through a range of tailored services including consultancy, marketing, distribution, and logistics.

Why work with a medical marketing agency? While many of our services, particularly in terms of consultancy and marketing, are similar to the services offered by standard marketing firms, it is essential for those in the healthcare field to select a partner who is educated, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, passionate about the many legal boundaries that are often found within the industry. This is especially true for European manufacturers looking into initial MENA region market entry strategies, as it is important to be aware of any differences in regulations to ensure you remain law compliant.

At a time when the European healthcare industry is notoriously struggling, the Middle East healthcare market has been improving at an almost unprecedented rate. Reports suggest that while the average rate of healthcare spending on a global basis is expected to rise by around 5.2 percent per year, spending in the Middle East is expected to increase by a sizeable 6.9 percent per year. There’s never been a better time for medical device/equipment manufacturers and pharmaceuticals firms in Europe to think about expanding into the MENA region, andGERMED Marketing are the ideal partner for helping you to identify the most suitable international growth and development opportunities for your business.